SMH Baltic

SMH Baltic Sea Region Cooperation

A Partnership of Medical and Health Libraries

The first steps towards a partnership programme between the Nordic and the Baltic health libraries were initiated in 1994. The Nordic Association for Medical and Health Information (NAHMI) consisted of all the Nordic national medical library associations. Within the framework of NAHMI, each national medical association started its own partnership with a Baltic country.

The Baltic countries were invited to join NAMHI in 2000, and the Baltic Association for Medical Libraries was established in 2002. From 2004 NAMHI became the Nordic Baltic Association for Medical and Health Information. (Ceased 2012)

In 2001 the library of the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (MAPS), St Petersburg, Russia, was included in this partnership through the cooperation between the Norwegian Library Association Section for Medicine and Health (SMH) and the Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region.

Cross boundaries – join forces : 15 years of cooperation 1994-2009 (pdf).

The SMH Baltic committee are;

Elisabeth Husem

Signe Romuld
Statens helsetilsyn, Biblioteket
Tlf: 21 52 98 31

Astrid Müller
Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslo
Medisinsk bibliotek
Tlf. 23 07 44 23