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08:30               Registration

A.m. – Systematic Review Essentials for Librarians (the Original Version)

08:45               Welcome and Introduction to the Course (Plenary)

09:00               Systematic Reviews – Why and When? (Plenary)

09:20               Scoping and Developing the Review Protocol (Practical Demonstration)

09:40               Subject Searching in Support of Systematic Reviews (Practical)

10:30 -10:50   Refreshments

10:50               Complementary/Supplementary Searching in Support of Systematic Reviews (Practical)

11:40               Document Delivery, Data Management and Reference Management (Worked Examples)

12:00               Standards for Reporting Systematic Reviews (Plenary)

12:30               Lunch Break


P.m. – Equipping ourselves for Systematic Review Roles (the Extended Remix)

13:15               Planning and Managing Systematic Reviews (Scenarios)

13:45               Study Selection and Data Extraction (Practical)

14:30               Quality Assessment and Synthesis (Practical)

15:00 – 15:20 Refreshments

15:20               Preparing the Systematic Review Report (Scenarios)

16:00               Acquiring Systematic Review Skills – Some Development Strategies (Plenary and Self- Assessment)

16:20               Take Home Messages and Evaluation (Plenary)

16:30               Concludes


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